March 22, 2023


Four malicious apps have been revealed on the Google Play Store.
With the help of these apps, the data of the users was being stolen.
If you are also using these apps, then delete them immediately.

New Delhi. There are thousands of apps available on the Google Play Store. All these apps and every update released by them are verified by Google. Sometimes some developers add malicious apps to the platform. Who steal the sensitive data of users. Recently a security researcher has uncovered malicious apps available on Google Play Store, which are stealing valuable data of users.

Security researchers from Malwarebytes Labs have given information about four such Android apps, which were present on the Google Play Store and with the help of these Trojans were being delivered to Android devices. These apps have been downloaded millions of times and all of them have been developed by the same app developer Mobis App Group.

Delete these apps immediately
These apps include Bluetooth Auto Connect, Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth App Sender and Mobile Transfer. These apps have been downloaded about 1 million times. If any of these apps are present in your smartphone, then delete it immediately.

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Apps that open phishing sites in web browser
Researchers said in their report that when users install any of these malicious apps for the first time, it usually takes a few days for the malicious display to appear. After this these apps open the phishing site in Google Chrome web browser. Researchers from Malwarebytes Labs have said in a blog post that the content of phishing sites varies. Some of these sites are harmless, while some websites are dangerous phishing sites, which work to trick users.

User data help
The report said that these apps used to take the help of user data to show ads and this data was collected with the help of permissions taken before them. This is the reason why it is very important to check your reviews and ratings while downloading apps from Play Store.

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