March 30, 2023


A message has been sent to Instagram that your account has been suspended.
Down Detector has detected this problem in about 4,000 phones.
However, the impact of this problem on a large scale has not yet been seen.

New Delhi. Social networking app Instagram has once suffered a flaw. Many users claim that their accounts have been suspended suddenly and the reason has not been given. However, this problem has come to the fore in the UK only. Many people have shared screenshots of the suspended account on Twitter. In the screenshot being shared, a message has been sent to Instagram that your account has been suspended on 31 October 2022.

According to a news of The Sun, it has not happened to many people. From the messages of people on social media, it seems that this problem has come from the headquarters of Instagram. Another news website Mail Online has also reported this but he says he didn’t have any problems when he ran Instagram.

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what people said
A user on Twitter wrote, “My account has been banned, now I can’t even appeal against it. This hasn’t only happened to me.” Another user jokingly wrote, “Whenever there is a problem with WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, people check on Twitter.” This outage has also been detected on the down detector. However, the number of people suffering from this problem is seen to be only 4,000.

Recently there was a flaw in WhatsApp
On October 25, 2022, a flaw was revealed in another Meta product, WhatsApp. Then WhatsApp stopped working in many countries including India. People were not able to send messages to anyone. At the same time, WhatsApp Web was logged out of people’s computers. This problem was found after about one and a half hours. Even then there was a flood of WhatsApp users on Twitter and memes were made fiercely on this incident.

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