March 22, 2023


Tata’s only other airline Vistara is in second place in on-time performance.
Indigo has got the fourth position in this matter.
Indigo had the highest market share in October.

New Delhi. Ever since Air India came into the hands of Tata Group, its days have started turning. From the day Tata got the command of Air India, from the same day people had the hope of changing its condition and direction. Air India is also slowly living up to this expectation. Air India’s on-time performance (OTP) has seen a big improvement as soon as Tata took charge. In this matter, it has also left behind Indigo airline.

According to the data of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, in October 2022, Air India has been at number one in terms of punctuality. Air India’s on time performance has been 90.8 percent. This means that 9 out of 10 flights of Air India flew on their scheduled time. Air India’s on-time performance in September was 87.1 per cent.

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Indigo got fourth place
According to a report by Live Mint, Tata’s only other airline Vistara stood second in terms of on-time performance in October. Vistara’s 89.1% flights were on time. In September, this figure was 91 percent. In the third place is the name of Air Asia. 89.1 percent of AirAsia flights were on right time. Indigo got the fourth position in on-time performance in October. Indigo’s 87.5 percent flights were on time.

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Passengers increased in October
In October 2022, the number of air travelers in India has increased by 10.2 percent on a monthly basis and 27 percent on an annual basis. In October, 114.07 lakh people traveled by air. Indigo’s market share in October stood at 56.7. Its market share in September was 57.7. Air India’s market share declined to 9.1 per cent in October as compared to September. In September it was 9.2 per cent.

Similarly, Vistara’s market share also declined from 9.6 per cent in September to 9.2 per cent. Akasa Air’s market share increased to 1.4 per cent in October from 0.9 per cent in September. Similarly, the market share of AirAsia also increased in October. While its market share was 5.9 per cent in September, it increased by almost two percentage points to 7.6 per cent in October.

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