March 25, 2023


About 20 million people have downloaded 16 dangerous apps.
These apps were available as utility apps on the Play Store.
These 16 apps were opening advertisements in the users’ phones without any click.

Google has removed 16 dangerous apps from its Play Store. These apps were draining the battery of the users device very fast and at the same time were using the network too much and also wasting data. The surprising thing is that before being deleted from the Play Store, about 20 million people have downloaded these apps. Security firm McAfee has given this information. The McAfee Mobile Research team detected malware that affected 16 apps.

These apps were present on the Play Store as utility apps and they gave users the option to search QR Codes. There were apps like Flash to Flashlight, Measurement Converter which were misusing users’ devices.

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McAfee’s report said that the affected devices received messages through the Google-owned Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) platform, which instructed them to open specific web pages in the background. These apps were also opening the web page directly to the users without giving any alert or message. Along with this, direct ads were also opened without clicking.

It was told in the report that these dangerous apps com. Came up with a code library called liveposting, which acted as an agent and used to run hidden ads services.

Let us see the list of apps that have been removed from the Play Store…

  • High-Speed ​​Camera
  • Smart Task Manager
  • Flashlight+
  • com.smh.memocalendar memocalendar
  • 8K-Dictionary
  • BusanBus
  • Flashlight+
  • Quick Note
  • Currency Converter
  • Joycode
  • EzDica
  • Instagram Profile Downloader
  • Ez Notes
  • com.candlencom.flashlite
  • 15. com.doubleline.calcul
  • Flashlight+

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delete immediately
It is worth noting that these apps have been removed from the Play Store, but the phones in which they are still downloaded, they remain at risk. So it is very important that you immediately delete these apps from the phone.

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