March 22, 2023


Removing spam email on your own every day can be a daunting task.
You can mass report and unsubscribe these unwanted mails.
You can create filter and delete option for such mails.

New Delhi. Every day you will get many spam emails from random IDs in Gmail. As well as newsletters and promotional emails from brands I’ve never subscribed to. Removing these can be a difficult process. Because they keep coming. Meanwhile many times important emails get lost in this.

But you can also get rid of this problem in some ways. Here we will tell you about some of the same methods by which you can save your email box from being spammed. This way you will not miss your important emails as well. Let us see in which ways spam email can be stopped.

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Report and unsubscribe from spam email
Log in to Gmail and select all the spam emails you want to unsubscribe from. After that click on the i icon at the top. You will see options to ‘report spam’ or ‘report spam and unsubscribe’. Once again check the selected IDs and if something is not important then choose the option of report spam and unsubscribe. Now you will stop getting emails from these accounts.

Create filters to detect spam email
Open your Gmail and click on the search box at the top. Type unsubscribe here and list to unsubscribe from all promotional emails. Select all of these spam emails. After this, click on the 3 points above, click on ‘Filter message like these’. Now click on the Create filter option and choose what you want to do with these emails. If you want these emails to be removed automatically, you can select the ‘Create a Filter’ option and then select the ‘Delete it’ option. Your filter will be ready.

Use temporary email id
Another way to avoid spam is to create and provide a temporary email instead of giving your main email ID everywhere. With this your main ID will be safe from spam. There are many websites that provide temporary email IDs for free. Apart from this, you can create another ID on Gmail itself, which can be given at other places other than necessary work.

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