March 30, 2023


Be it students, job professionals, or industrialists, all use MS Excel.
If you are bored with MS Excel, then you can use Google Sheets.
Apart from this, Zoho Sheet is also a better alternative to MS Excel.

New Delhi. Today, spreadsheets are used everywhere, whether you work in a company or do a business. You need spreadsheets everywhere. Whether it is to organize data, analyze, forecast or visualize the data of old years, spreadsheets are useful everywhere. For all this, you use MS Excel the most in today’s time. Whether you are a student, job, or doing business, you use MS Excel only.

But some people consider MS Excel obsolete due to lack of flexibility, lack of data security and portability. By the way, many problems have been worked out in the new version of Excel. But for the subscription of MS Excel, you may have to spend up to Rs 5000. But you do not need to panic because there are many alternatives to Excel available in the market. Some are cheap and some you can use for free with all the features.

1. Google Sheet
Google Sheets is a good alternative to MS Excel. If you have a Google account then you can use it very easily. Google Sheets gives you the same features as Excel. Also it is absolutely free. Google Sheets files are saved on the cloud which makes it portable and can be used on multiple devices simultaneously. With its help, you can work together on any data and easily share it with anyone.

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2. Zoho Sheet
Zoho Sheet is also a better alternative to MS Excel. It is also cloud based like Google Sheets, which you can access on multiple devices simultaneously. But its limit is only up to 25 people, meaning you can connect with only 25 people on one file at a time. The features of Zoho Sheet are similar to that of Excel. It gives a smart user interface which makes it very easy for people to work on it. It supports all formats of Excel.

3. Smartsheet
Smartsheet is also a better alternative to MS Excel. The specialty of Smartsheet is its project management feature. It has Gantt charts, file sharing and collaboration features. Smartsheet is also a cheaper alternative to Excel. It has a free trial available for the users. After the end of the free trial, you can buy its subscription.

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4. WPS Spreadsheets
WPS spreadsheet is a part of Online Office Tools. You can use its free version as well as you can upgrade it to the premium version. To upgrade to the premium version, you have to subscribe to it.

WPS works on almost all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. WPS Spreadsheet is also cloud based, so you can keep all its information backed up on the cloud and share it with anyone. It supports all formats of office tools.

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5. Quip
Quip is also a very good alternative to MS Excel. It has more than 400 features which help in working well on any project. This software allows you to have multiple people working on the same project simultaneously. It also has some other features like chat and collaboration, cross-device access etc. There is a trial version of Quip available which you can use for free and you can also subscribe to it if you like.

6. Microsoft office Excel Online
If you do not want to buy it to use MS Excel, then its online version is also a better option. MS Excel Online is a cloud based program that you can use for free.

It gives you all the features of MS Excel. To use it, you need to download its extension on your browser. For this you need to have a Microsoft account because it keeps all the data on OneDrive i.e. the cloud version of Microsoft.

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