March 25, 2023


WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot of the Avatar feature, in which its look can be seen.
Avatar can also be set on profile photo.
You can check whether they have got this feature or not by going to the settings of the WhatsApp account.

The messaging service has started rolling out the avatar feature for some beta testers after a continuous mix of new features on WhatsApp. Actually, information has been received from WABetaInfo that WhatsApp has introduced a new version in the Google beta program. It has been told that WhatsApp had previously introduced iOS beta for iOS 22.23. For it has been re-introduced.

WABetaInfo has also shared a screenshot about it, in which its look can be seen. It looks exactly the same as the Facebook avatar.

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WB has given information that users who want to use it on WhatsApp can check whether they have got this feature or not. For this, they have to go to WhatsApp account and go to Settings. If you do not see this feature here, then you will have to wait for the upcoming update.

After setting up the avatar, users can also present it as a sticker in chatting by going to the avatar page in the chat keyboard.

Apart from this, avatar can also be set on profile photo. It is being said that at the moment this feature is only for a few beta testers, and it can be introduced in the coming weeks.

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This feature is also available in beta version…
Apart from this, WhatsApp is ready to bring another new feature, which will allow users to send messages to themselves. This information has been received by WABetaInfo. WB claims that a feature called ‘Message yourself’ is coming in Android beta version Under this feature, WhatsApp users will be able to see their name as ‘Me’ in the chat section.

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