March 22, 2023

New Delhi. Bank Strike: The All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) has called for a strike (bank ki hartal) on Saturday in protest against the outsourcing of jobs. AIBEA general secretary CH Venkatachalam gave this information. He said that the work of public sector banks may be affected by the strike. However, private sector banks will not be affected by this. Although the officer class will not participate in this strike, but it may affect deposits, withdrawals, clearing of checks in banks.

Apart from this, according to the holiday list issued by RBI, out of the remaining 12 days of this month, there will be no work in banks for 4 days. Many of these holidays are national. On that day banking services will remain closed in the whole country. While bank branches will be closed in some states due to regional holidays.

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There will be a strike on 19 November
Several banks, including Bank of Baroda and Punjab and Sind Bank, have already informed their customers about the impact of services in the event of a strike on November 19.

bank employees will participate
Punjab and Sind Bank told the stock exchanges on Thursday that if there is a strike, bank employees can participate in it. In such a situation, the normal functioning of the branches/offices of the bank is likely to be affected. Venkatachalam said that outsourcing of jobs by some banks could pose a risk to the privacy of customers and their deposits.

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He said that some banks are also violating the Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act. Even in cases where the labor authorities have intervened, the management is ignoring the advice. Employees are being forcibly transferred by the management.

Bank Holiday November 2022 List
20 November – Sunday is a weekly holiday.
23 November – Because of Seng Kutsnem, there will be bank holidays in Shillong.
November 26 – Due to being the fourth Saturday of the month, banks will remain closed.
November 27 – It is a Sunday and therefore there will be no work in banks on this day.

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