March 25, 2023


YouTube has introduced a new interface for its users.
Pinch-to-zoom feature has been given for the users in the new interface.
Along with this, many buttons have also been added in the new interface.

New Delhi. YouTube has made major changes in its interface for the convenience of the users. Along with this, now users will get pinch-to-zoom and dark mode support along with new buttons in the changed user interface. Not only this, users will also get the latest features like Ambient Mode and Unique Handle in the new interface. The company says that the new interface will make the experience of the viewers better than before. The new interface will be rolled out to all users.

YouTube says that the new interface has a pinch-to-zoom feature for Android and iOS users. Through this, users will be able to zoom the video. It is noteworthy that earlier this feature was available only for premium users. Apart from this, the company has also brought a special search tool in the interface for desktop and mobile users.

New buttons in the interface
According to YouTube, it has also given place to many buttons in the new interface. With the help of these buttons, users will be able to watch videos without any distraction. Apart from this, users will now also get support for share and download buttons in their interface.

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Ambient Mode
The company has said in its official blog post that it has added Ambient Mode to the new interface. It uses dynamic color sampling technology to match the background of the app with the creep of the video.

Unique Handle
It is noteworthy that YouTube recently released the Unique Handle feature. With the help of this feature, creators will be able to know the likes and dislikes of their viewers and will be able to create content according to them. The company says that the unique handle feature will allow creators and viewers to interact.

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