March 22, 2023


Black Friday is celebrated by America a day after Thanksgiving.
On this day people shop in the hope of getting the best discounts.
This cell reminds the natives that the festive season is about to begin.

New Delhi. The Black Friday sale has started in India and brands have already listed their products for the sale. In this sale, huge discounts are available on electronics, home care devices, clothing and other products. Black Friday sale was not available in India earlier. It started in America. However, this time it has become available in India as well. Black Friday sales are available on many e-commerce websites. Let us tell you that Black Friday is celebrated by the United States a day after Thanksgiving. However, now everyone else around the world celebrates Black Friday.

On this day people shop in the hope of getting the best discounts on different products. Stores typically open very early on Black Friday, sometimes past midnight or on Thanksgiving. But do you know why this day is called Black Friday? If not, then let us tell you.

What is ‘Black Friday’?
Black Friday sales take place right after Thanksgiving in the USA, reminding natives that the festive season is officially over and you can start shopping for Christmas gifts. This sale gives users the best offers and discounts on products that are selling fast. This deal is exclusively available on Electronics accessories.

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History and Significance of Black Friday
There are many myths about the name Black Friday. Many believe that Black Friday got its name because retail shoppers get huge discounts and this stops them from making losses. Apart from this, people also believe that Black Friday got its name from the Philadelphia Police.

However, according to reports, Black Friday has nothing to do with shopping. In the 1950s, police forces in Philadelphia used the term Black Friday to describe the lawlessness of the day after Thanksgiving. At that time, hundreds of tourists used to gather in the city for football games and became a headache for the police.

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