March 30, 2023


Credit card payment platform Cred has come up with an offer for its users.
Under this, samsung galaxy s22 ultra can be yours for just 11 rupees.
This offer is not for everyone and only a few have a chance to win this smartphone.

New Delhi. Everyone wants to buy a top flagship smartphone. Flagships have a great design and have some of the most amazing and high performance hardware. Not only this, the software of flagship phones also gives a smoother experience than the mid range, but the cost of these smartphones is very high. That’s why not everyone can buy these phones. Today we are going to tell you about such an offer, through which you can buy Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone worth more than one lakh rupees for just 11 rupees.

This deal has been introduced by credit card payment platform Cred. The platform has come up with a price cut deal, in which the lucky few can get Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra worth Rs 1,09,999 for just Rs 11, so let us now tell you how you can buy this phone for just Rs 11. Huh.

Cred gives great rewards
Cred is known for offering great reward off points earned by making credit card payments on the platform. By paying with credit, users can earn extraordinary things on the platform. For this, users have to participate in games and competitions.

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Galaxy S22 Ultra will be available for Rs 11
Meanwhile, the company has come up with the 11.11 drop campaign (where 11.11 means November 11) for the users. Under this, the company is giving people a chance to buy Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra for Rs 11.

Users will get three chances
It is worth noting that the price of the phone is 109999. At the moment this offer is not for everyone and only a few have a chance to win this smartphone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the contest. To buy a phone for Rs 11, you just have to shop on the platform and then try your luck by playing the game. However, each user will get only three chances to win the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra price cut deal.

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