March 26, 2023

New Delhi: Microscope is used to see small things in larger form. Its lens magnifies anything. Generally, there are many microscopes available in the market, the starting price of which is around 10 thousand rupees. Common man cannot buy it easily. If you are a science student and doing research on any subject then you do not need to worry much.

Now you can get a microscope from the e-commerce site Amazon sitting at home by spending only a few rupees. It can also be used for photography by putting it in a smartphone.

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Buy Microscope from Amazon for just Rs.
The world’s cheapest microscope (Simple Days Foldscope DIY Paper Microscope) can be bought from the online e-commerce site Amazon. Its price is Rs 319. It is also available offline at the stationery shop but for this you will have to spend more money. After buying it, you can assemble it by watching the video or with the help of user manual. It is impossible to use it without assembling. This microscope has been made by Indian scientist Dr Manu Prakash. He named it Jugaad Microscope.

Connect with smartphone like this
1. After purchasing this microscope, assemble it with the help of user manual.
2. You do not need to download any separate app to connect to the smartphone.
3. You can magnify anything by putting it behind the camera lens.
4. To magnify any object, take the help of the camera app present in the smartphone.
5. Mosquitoes can zoom in on the fly or onion pills.
6. Micro photography enthusiasts can use it to click pictures.

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What is the specialty of this microscope
The biggest feature of this microscope is that it has a 140X magnifying lens. Whereas in a premium smartphone only 20x zoom lens is seen. It is completely water proof. You can easily take it anywhere. With the help of light source, you can see any object on the wall by magnifying it. To do photography, you can do micro photography by putting it in any camera or smartphone.

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