March 22, 2023


The market cap of this company is around Rs 550 crore.
The current price of its shares is Rs 953 per share.
Its shares have fallen more than 5 percent in a year.

New Delhi. Companies are releasing quarterly results and dividend and bonus shares are out in the stock market. With the bull run in the stock market, the announcement of dividend and bonus shares has turned silver for the investors. Meanwhile, another company has announced dividend. The name of this company is Morganite Crucible (India) Limited. It is a small cap company. Its market cap is Rs 553.85 crore.

The company has also fixed the record date for the dividend. The company said in the information given to the market regulator, “On Thursday, November 10, 2022, the Board of Directors has announced a dividend of Rs 9 per share.” The company said that the total interim dividend is Rs 504 lakh. The company has fixed 23 November 2022 as the record date for dividend.

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What is the current position of the company’s shares?
This share is available only on BSE. Its current price is Rs 953.30. It had closed at Rs 953 level on Friday, down about 1.10 per cent. This stock has lost 2.84 percent in the last one week and 5.30 percent in 1 year. At the same time, in 5 years this stock has seen an increase of about 100 percent. Its 52 weeks low is Rs 835 and high is Rs 1220. The face value of its shares is Rs 5 per share.

Company’s quarterly results
In the second quarter of the current financial year, the company made a total sale of Rs 38.85 crore. The company’s sales in the same quarter of the last financial year were Rs 36.58 crore. That is, an increase of 6.20 percent has been registered in net sales this time as compared to the same quarter of the last financial year. The company’s net profit during the second quarter is Rs 3.90 crore. This time there has been a decline of 25.71 percent in net profit as compared to the last financial year.

What does the company do?
This company manufactures and sells silicon carbide and clay graphite crucibles. The company supplies its products not only in India but also abroad. Outside the country, its products go to other Asian countries, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Its products are used in mining, auto sector, industrial machinery, electrical equipment and railways.

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