March 30, 2023


If the smartphone is OTG supportable, then you can recover the data by inserting a pendrive in it.
For this, the help of computer and laptop can also be taken. It is completely safe.
Can also transfer data from VNC program and Airdroid. Download it from Google Play Store.

New Delhi. In today’s time, smartphones have become the need of the people. Apart from calling people, it is also used to save many important files and pictures. Smartphones of different companies are available in the market. After the Android device is broken, many people have trouble in recovering data from it. Do you also want to recover data from your smartphone after its screen is broken? For this, you can take the help of laptop or PC.

Apart from this, there is a lot of software available on the Internet, which after downloading, provides the facility to transfer data from smartphone to computer.

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Check OTG connectivity
If the smartphone is broken, with the help of OTG, you can easily transfer data to pendrive or SD card. Let us tell you that for this it is very important to have OTG connectivity in the smartphone. Apart from this, the facility to transfer data is available only on Android 7 or less Android. Users using the latest Android version cannot take advantage of this facility. Actually, keeping in mind the security of data, smartphone companies have changed it after Android 7 version.

Can take help of VNC program
If you have a computer or laptop, then it will be very easy to transfer data in it. For this, you can download a third party software. Take special care of the security of the data while downloading it, apart from this, give permission only after reading the term and condition carefully.

The name of this software is VNC program. After connecting the data cable to the smartphone, you will be able to see all the things present in it in the desktop version by connecting it to the computer. Apart from this, the facility of data transfer will also be available.

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You can also recover data from Airdroid
To recover data from the smartphone, you can take the help of Airdroid software. This gives the facility to connect the smartphone to the computer. You can use it through computer application or web interface.

Let us tell you that it is very important to have this app in this smartphone to transfer data from it. If the problems of breaking and breaking of the smartphone keep happening with you again and again, then you can download and keep this app in advance.

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