March 22, 2023


In the video, Musk is taking out stuff from a cupboard at the Twitter headquarters.
A lot of comments are coming on Elon Musk’s tweet. Most of the people have scolded.
This richest person in the world is giving updates about Twitter almost daily.

New Delhi. Ever since taking command of Twitter, Elon Musk has been giving new updates every day. He has also tweeted many pictures of the Twitter headquarters. Now a video shared by Musk of the Twitter headquarters itself is going viral. Only two hours after Musk shared it on Twitter, 4 million people have seen it.

In the video shared by Elon Musk, a T-shirt found in the Twitter headquarters is shown. Musk -“#StayWoke” means stay alert, showing a full T-shirt written on it. Sharing this video with a laughing emoji, Musk wrote, “Look what was found in a cupboard at Twitter Headquarters.” This video shared by Musk is becoming very viral.

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