March 26, 2023

New Delhi. After Twitter, Meta and Amazon, now Google’s parent company Alphabet is also planning to lay off more than 10,000 employees. According to a new report, the big tech company plans to reduce around 6 percent of its workforce amid tough global economic conditions. In the last few weeks, thousands of employees were fired all over the world and now Alphabet has also prepared a plan to retrench the employees. In such a situation, the Indian IT sector is in the mood for new recruitment.

IT sector will recruit many people in the coming time. According to industry reports, Capgemini and Infosys of the Indian IT sector are on a hiring binge.

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A report by Analytics Insight states that Capgemini is looking for technical professionals in India and is accepting applications for the available positions across the country. Its hiring includes both freshers and lateral hiring. But its CEO Aiman ​​Ezzat said that considering the current market situation, we do not need over-hiring.

The variable pay of Infosys employees was 70 per cent lower in the July-September quarter than in the April-June quarter. Regarding this low percentage, the company said that the Indian IT sector is going through a slowdown as well as high staff shortage. Amidst all this, students of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are looking for the best packages in top companies in India as well as abroad where technical layoffs are in full swing.

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News18 spoke to Abhijeet, a student of IIT Delhi, about how layoffs have affected India’s hiring season. He said that from the point of view of a fresher, the situation is quite opposite. Along with this, recession is also hovering over the world, thus start-ups based in US and UK are going to create trouble for the freshers. Since India is in a good position at the moment, Indian startups are probably not taking these steps. However, according to Abhijeet, experienced people may not face much trouble as many companies are hiring and companies including start-ups are looking for experienced people only.

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Significantly, Google’s parent company Alphabet has not yet officially confirmed the layoffs. But a few months back, CEO Sundar Pichai hinted at upcoming layoffs. Earlier, Amazon started retrenchment. Layoffs of about 10,000 employees have started in Amazon. While the effect of this lay off will be on the employees of the corporate rank, in the meanwhile the company’s CEO Andy Jesse has made a shocking disclosure. According to a report, the CEO of Amazon says that this process of retrenchment of employees is expected to continue till next year.

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