March 25, 2023


Foreign exchange reserves increased by $ 2.537 billion to $ 547.252 billion.
The value of gold reserve increased by $ 315 million to $ 40.011 billion.
Foreign currency assets increased by $ 1.76 billion to $ 484.288 billion.

New Delhi. The country’s foreign exchange reserves have increased once again. In the week ending November 18, 2022, it increased by $ 2.537 billion to reach $ 547.252 billion. It has increased for the second consecutive week. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) gave this information on Friday.

Fastest increase in country’s foreign exchange reserves after August 2021
According to RBI data, foreign exchange reserves increased by $ 14.72 billion to reach $ 544.72 billion in the week ended November 11. According to the news agency PTI, after August 2021, there has been the fastest increase in the country’s foreign exchange reserves this week. Significantly, in October 2021, foreign exchange reserves had reached an all-time high of $ 645 billion.

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FCA increased by $ 1.76 billion
The central bank said that during the reporting week, foreign currency assets ie FCA, considered an important component of currency reserves, increased by $ 1.76 billion to $ 484.288 billion. Expressed in dollars, FCA reflects the effects of appreciation or depreciation of non-dollar currencies such as the euro, pound and Japanese yen held in the currency reserves.

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Gold reserve also increased
Apart from this, the value of gold reserves also increased by $ 315 million in the reporting week to reach $ 40.011 billion. According to the data, the Special Drawing Right (SDR) increased by $ 351 million to $ 17.906 billion. According to the data, the country’s currency reserves kept in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) also increased by $ 111 million to $ 5.047 billion in the reporting week.

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