March 26, 2023

New Delhi. Fixed Deposits are a traditional investment option, where the investor gets safe returns. If you want to get strong returns by investing in FDs in a safe way, then this news is for you only. Actually, Punjab and Sind Bank of the public sector has introduced 5 unique special FD schemes. The bank has launched schemes for a limited period. The bank is offering up to 7.85 percent interest on these special FD schemes.

The schemes launched by Punjab and Sind Bank include PSB Fabulous Plus 601 Days, PSB Fabulous Plus 300 Days, PSB The Power of 400 Days, PSB Investment Plus – 501 Days, SRSD 1051 Days.

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PSB Fabulous Plus 601 Days
This scheme is of 601 days and it is valid till 31 March 2023. Under this scheme, Punjab and Sind Bank is offering 7 percent interest rate to common citizens, 7.50 percent to senior citizens and 7.85 percent to super senior citizens.

PSB Investment Plus-501 Days
The maturity period of this scheme is 501 days and it is valid till 1st December 2022. Under this, there is a special interest rate or 6.10 percent fixed rate. This is for the common citizen. The interest rate for senior citizens is 6.60 percent.

PSB Special Rate for Special- 1051 Days
The maturity period of this scheme is 1051 days and it is valid till June 23, 2023. Under this scheme, customers will get 25 bps more than the interest rates applicable for the FD scheme for a specific period.

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PSB The Power of 400 Days
This scheme comes with a maturity period of 400 days and is valid till 31st December 2022. The interest rate for common citizens in this scheme is 5.80%. Senior citizens get the benefit of additional interest.

PSB Fabulous 300 Days
The maturity period of this scheme is 300 days and it is valid till 31 March 2023. The bank is offering 5.25% interest to common citizens, 5.75% interest to senior citizens and 6.10% interest to super senior citizens.

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