March 22, 2023


Google is adding new skills to improve its Google Assistant service.
Now users will be able to search specific episodes with the help of three filters.
Currently, users play the latest episode of the podcast by saying ‘Hey Google, Play XYZ’.

New Delhi. Google will add new skills to improve its Google Assistant service. The company is adding new voice commands to the US browser assistant, which allows users to search for and play a specific episode of a podcast. Before this, the Google Assistant can play the latest episode of the podcast. Now the new command can be used with three filters to enhance podcast related services.

As per the latest update, users can now get access to specific episodes of podcasts that they want to listen to by using Google Assistant to search for the episode name. According to Google’s latest blog post, till now users used to play the latest episode of podcast by just saying ‘Hey Google, Play XYZ’. However, this new feature will now help users to listen to a specific episode with three new filters, which can be selected by the guest. Search using Searches directly by episode.

Google’s UPI Autopay
Meanwhile, Google has recently announced that the company is introducing UPI Autopay for payment for subscription-based purchases on Google Play in India. NPCI has introduced Autopay under UPI 2.0 and it allows customers to make payments using UPI apps.

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User will help in buying subscription
UPI Autopay feature helps in setting up subscriptions. Users have to tap on the payment method in the cart after selecting the subscription plan for their purchase. They need to select ‘Pay with UPI’ and approve the purchase in the supported UPI application.

Payment will be easy
In this regard, Saurabh Agarwal, Head of Google Play Retail and Payments Activation for India, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand, said that we are always looking to add popular and effective forms of payment around the world to ensure that people can use apps and these apps. -Easily pay for in-app content.

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