March 30, 2023


In the beginning, not only out-going but in-coming calls and messages also cost money.
The weight of IBM SIMON was about 500 grams and the size was equal to half a brick.
The facility to send and receive faxes was also given in the world’s first smartphone.

New Delhi. Mobile phones have become an important part of the life of every common and special person in today’s era. Some people even keep two or three smartphones with them. Smartphones may have become thin and light today, but in their early days they were very heavy. In the era of bulky handsets, for the first time in India, on July 31, 1995, Jyoti Basu, the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, made a mobile call to former Union Communications Minister Sukh Ram.

In the early days of mobile handsets, not only out-going but also in-coming calls and messages used to cost a fair amount. Then people used to leave after giving a missed call so that the person in front could make the call and their expenses would be saved. However, since coming to India in the year 1995, by the time it is 27 years old, this ‘prodigal child’ has become super smart as well as economical. Just a year before coming to India i.e. in 1994, the sale of IBM Simon, the world’s first smartphone, started.

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What were the features of the first smartphone
IBM Simon was a very heavy smartphone. It neither had a curved display nor a camera. Then its price was also 900 dollars i.e. today’s 73610 rupees in Indian currency. Its weight was about 500 grams and it was equal to half a brick in size. However, green LCD touch screen technology was used in it. Like today’s smartphones, its battery did not last for hours or days. The battery life of the IBM Simon was only one hour.

The world’s first smartphone was made by IBM and America’s cellular company Bellself.

IBM Simon had every feature
This world’s first smartphone was made by IBM and America’s cellular company Bellself. After being very simple, this smartphone used to provide every facility to the users according to the needs of that time. That is why it was named Simon. Through this smartphone, users could write notes. At the same time, along with updating the calendar and contacts, the facility to send or receive faxes was also given. Apart from this, all the necessary facilities related to making or receiving phone calls were also there.

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With the help of Nokia’s handset, mobile call service was brought to the people in India.

50 thousand smartphones sold in the first sale
A separate slot was given at the bottom of the IBM Simon. In this, users could also insert applications like mapping, spreadsheet, games. About 50,000 handsets were sold in its first sale in 1994. The length of this smartphone was about 23 cm. Some time ago it was also kept in the Science Museum of London.

Service reached in India with the help of Nokia
With the help of Nokia’s handset, mobile call service was brought to the people in India. At the same time, Modi Telstra is credited as the first company to provide mobile service in the country. Modi Telstra named the mobile service as MobileNet. Later Modi started providing mobile services in India under the name of Telstra Spice Telecom. After this, with the development of new technology, mobile handset companies from all over the world stepped into India as well.

With the passage of 27 years in India, along with cheap and affordable smartphones, companies making expensive luxury smartphones are also seen betting. At the same time, not only incoming but outgoing calls have also become free. Overall, now smartphones have become super smart. Nevertheless, the process of development of smartphones has not stopped yet. Users will be surprised to see the features of smartphones in the coming times.

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