March 25, 2023

New Delhi. The feud between the billionaire Hinduja Brothers seems to be over. Actually, the Hinduja Brothers have decided to join hands, ending the family dispute that has been going on for years over the property. Significantly, the family of Hinduja Brothers is the richest family in Britain.

Decision to stop the ongoing cases in many countries for the time being
Hinduja Brothers has decided to stop the ongoing cases in many countries of Europe for the time being. According to a report by the news agency Bloomberg, due to these cases, the Hinduja group, which once stood by the hard work of all the brothers, had come to the verge of disintegration.

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According to Moneycontrol, a London judge during the hearing of one such case made a very strong comment on the family, especially regarding the care of 86-year-old Srichand Hinduja, the guardian of the Hinduja family. The remarks opened up the possibility of a split in the ownership of the more than 100-year-old British-Indian Hinduja group. Srichand Hinduja, the eldest of 4 brothers, has dementia. In dementia, people become mentally weak and their memory starts to go away.

Dispute started from an agreement 8 years ago
The dispute started when there was an agreement between the 4 brothers in the year 2014. According to the agreement, in the Hinduja Group, “nothing belongs to anyone and everything belongs to everyone.” The other two brothers claimed that this agreement controlled the succession planning of the Hinduja Group. However, Srichand’s family challenged this, claiming that his family branch was being sidelined in the group.

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In which business is Hinduja Group?
The major businesses of Hinduja Group include Ashok Leyland, GOSL Corporation, Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) and IndusInd Bank etc.

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