March 30, 2023


We do most of our work today with the help of apps.
Even we search for jobs with the help of apps only.
Searching for jobs through apps is more convenient than traditional methods.

New Delhi. We live in an era where there is an app for almost everything, be it chatting with friends, ordering food, playing games, booking tickets or even organizing a party. Today we do most of the work with the help of apps. Not only this, now we also search for jobs through apps only. Searching for jobs with the help of apps is more convenient than traditional methods. Today there are many apps that help you in job search, but do you know which app is best for your job search, if not, then we tell you through which app you can get a job. Huh.

Today we are going to tell you about those apps, which help you in job search and you can comfortably search for a job sitting at home. If these apps allow you to connect with the hiring managers of your dream companies, then let us now tell you about these apps.

Hirect is a top job-search app because it is the best option for both the company and the job seeker. The app was generally used by startups and small businesses who want to expand their team, but recently the company has joined hands with multinational companies to provide better job opportunities. Hirect offers live chat and video call facilities.

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The next name in this list is Indeed, which is very popular among young job seekers. The job-hunting app offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to search for jobs based on your location. Through Indeed, users can also add filters like job type and search as per their convenience. Apart from this, it also gives email alerts to the users.

way up
WeUp is specially designed for college graduates who are looking for employment. This hiring app is a time saver as it shows the positions which are suitable according to the experience and education of the job seeker. With the help of this app, users can search for jobs on the basis of post, industry and location. This app not only helps people looking for full time jobs but also internships and part time jobs.

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LinkedIn is a well-known job search platform. Job seekers can create their portfolio on the app and showcase their work to hiring managers. LinkedIn allows users to search for jobs directly from the search bar available on the header. Users can also use filters to narrow down the search. Apart from this, you can also choose and add filters in job search. Significantly, on LinkedIn, companies can contact you directly and take the recruitment process forward.

cut short
Cutshort is a hiring platform that allows job seekers to select and apply for jobs. The app allows you to search for jobs based on your location, skills and experience.

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