March 25, 2023


Electric toothbrushes have rotating bristles that take care of the gums.
By connecting the electric toothbrush to the phone via Bluetooth, you can see inside the mouth while brushing.
The price of electric brush starts from Rs 2500 which is very high as compared to the regular toothbrush.

New Delhi: By the way, every part of the body needs care. And we also try to take care of ourselves. But when it comes to teeth, they become careless. Most of the people have to face the problem of teeth. The reason for this is to keep eating something or the other all the time. Many times a day we keep eating things like chips, chocolates. Many times they get stuck between the teeth, which is not a matter of removal with a common toothbrush. That’s why we have problems like toothache.

However, today we are going to tell you about a product that can be used to get rid of all these problems. That product is an electric toothbrush. These days most of the companies have launched electric toothbrush. So let’s know how this electric toothbrush works.

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What is an electric toothbrush?
Electric toothbrush helps to clean the dirt between the teeth in the right way. It can be used daily. Be it children or adults, every person can easily use it. By connecting this toothbrush to the smartphone via Bluetooth, you can keep an eye on all the activities while brushing.

How does an electric toothbrush work?
Electric toothbrushes have rotating bristles that take care of the gums. It looks just like a normal brush. The only difference is whether it runs on battery or is it chargeable. At the same time, the price of this electric brush starts from Rs 2500. The price is more or less depending on the company.

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Is this beneficial?
Now the most important thing is whether electric toothbrush is beneficial or not. So the answer is yes, electric toothbrush is beneficial as compared to ordinary toothbrush. Young children in the house have to be taught to brush properly. A lot of time is also wasted in this and they do not even brush properly, but in electric toothbrush you do not need to learn anything. Just turn on its button and then it will clean the teeth automatically.

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