March 30, 2023


Now you can easily add a link in YouTube video detail.
You can add it from both mobile and desktop.
In detail you can tell why you made the video.

New Delhi. If you have spent time on YouTube, you would know that there is a detail with almost every video on YouTube. This detail is the text that is directly below the user name of the person who uploaded the video. Most people use it to explain why it was created. If you want to give credit to the people who helped you create the video, you can provide a link for your viewers to watch more content. Apart from this, you can also add an ad or a link to a website in the description.

You can easily do this work on desktop or by using YouTube mobile app of iPhone and Android, so now let us tell you how you can add a link in video description.

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How to add link to YouTube video description from desktop?
1. First upload your video on Youtube.
2. When that’s done, click on your profile pic in the top-right corner of the page.
3. Now click on YouTube Studio or YouTube Studio (Beta) in the menu.
4. Now a new page will open with the summary of your video. Click on the video here in the sidebar on the left.
5. Here click on the title of the video whose details you want to edit.
6. Now copy the URL which you want to link.
7. After that paste it in YouTube video detail box.
8. Now save it.

How to add a link to your YouTube video detail in the mobile app?
1. First open the YouTube app in your mobile.
2. Navigate to your video.
3. Now open the link sent to you and tap on the library.
4. Now on the page that opens the link select My videos.
5. Tap the three dots to the right of your video’s title and thumbnail.
6. Tap Edit in the options menu that opens.
7. Now you will see a page where you can edit your details, title.
8. Now copy and paste the URL in the details field.

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