March 30, 2023


All users use profile picture on Instagram.
You can easily change your profile picture on Instagram.
Users can change picture from both mobile and computer.

New Delhi. Your profile image on Instagram is a small snapshot that you upload to represent your account. If you have a personal account, you may have posted a selfie or a picture of yourself with a friend, partner or pet for your profile. But if you use a business account, then you display the picture of your product on your profile. Also, you can change your picture from time to time on Instagram.

If you want to change your Instagram profile picture, you can easily change it. You can change it with the help of Instagram app or its website. For this you have to follow some easy steps. Let us now tell you how you can change your profile pic on Instagram.

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how to change instagram profile picture on mobile
1. First open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android.
2. Now in the menu bar running at the bottom of your screen tap on your profile button in the right corner.
3. After this tap on Edit Profile on your profile page.
4. Now tap on Change profile photo on the profile edit screen.
5. Now choose the option to import photos from Facebook or phone from the pop-up menu.
6. Now select the photo which you want to upload.
7. After this bring in the round circle to crop the photo.
8. Click on complete to make changes.

how to change instagram profile picture on desktop
1. Go to the Instagram website on your Mac or PC.
2. Now login using your account username and password.
3. After this click on your user name to go to your profile page.
4. Click on Edit Profile on your profile page.
5. Click on Change Profile Photo under your username.
6. Now click on Upload Photo.
7. Select the photo from the computer that you want to make your profile picture.
8- Your profile photo will be uploaded.
9- With this the selected picture will become your profile picture.

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