March 26, 2023


Many times we accidentally delete important messages from our iPhone.
However, now iPhone users can easily restore these messages.
For this, users have to enable messages in iCloud backup.

New Delhi. Whether you regularly delete messages from your iPhone or to free up space, you always try to save those messages that you might need at any time. Many a times we all get many text messages on daily basis which are not necessary. For this, most of us select multiple messages on our iPhone and delete them in one shot. However, along with removing junk and spam, this process sometimes also deletes important messages.

In such a situation, many times you delete important text messages by mistake and look for an easy way to get it back on your iPhone. If you have also accidentally deleted some text messages, which you wanted to keep, then do not panic, now you can easily restore deleted messages on your iPhone.

Actually, Apple has enabled the iPhone with iCloud integration to store backups of other content including text messages. Let us know that to restore text messages, you have to enable messages in your iCloud backup.

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use iCloud
To restore messages from iCloud, first go to Settings and then tap on your Apple ID profile at the top. Tap iCloud, and make sure Messages is set to On in the list of apps that use iCloud. Then tap on iCloud Backup and then select the backup when you deleted your messages and which you want to restore.

Then scroll down to find Message Backup. Now, you need to reset your iPhone. This store will remove all content and data. Therefore, you should proceed only if you have the backup files that contain your deleted messages available. If you want to proceed, go to Settings, go to General Options and then tap Transfer or Reset iPhone Erase All Content and Settings.

Back up from iTunes or Finder
After this your iPhone will reboot and ask you if you want to recover from backup. From there choose the right backup. It is worth mentioning that users who do not use iCloud, they can also back up through Apple iTunes or Finder.

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