March 26, 2023


You can use Instagram from mobile app as well as web browser.
You can use Instagram on the web from any Mac or Windows PC.
There is a lot of difference between the layout of the mobile app and the web browser.

New Delhi. Most people use the social media platform Instagram through a mobile app, but if you use a computer and want to post a post on Instagram or connect with your followers, you can easily use Instagram on a web browser. You can use Instagram on the web from any Mac or Windows PC and post or comment with your account.

Instagram on the web is the same as the mobile app. If you already use a social media service on your phone, then using it in a web browser will not be too challenging for you. However, its layout is different from the mobile app.

how to use instagram in web browser
To use Instagram in a web browser, first open the Instagram webpage webpage in your browser and log in to your account. By default it should open for feeds. Now on the top of the page you will see the tool bar. This includes Home, Messages, Posts, and Activities. With the help of these toolbars, you can use Instagram in a web browser.

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home icon
In the toolbar you will find a house shaped icon. It displays the curated feed of your account. You can scroll through and browse posts just like you use the mobile app.

message icon
You will also find the icon of the message in the tool bar. The message icon takes you to your personal message page, where you can read messages from your friends and followers, reply to messages, and even send new messages.

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create new post
You will see a (+) sign in the toolbar just like the home and message icons. To create a new post, you have to click on (+).

You also get compass icon in web browser. With its help, you can see the Explore page. You just have to click on the compass icon to go to the Explore page. This is similar to the Explore results that appear on your search page in the mobile app.

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Click on the heart icon to see the activity happening on your Instagram account. Here you can see the users who have followed you, liked or commented on your picture.

You have to click on your profile icon to see the options menu. You can also go to your profile page, view your saved photos, go to Settings, or switch accounts from here.

how to post on instagram from computer
It’s much easier to post to Instagram on the web. All you have to do is click on the create a new post icon (plus symbol) at the top of the webpage and then choose a photo or video from your computer. Now drag it. Now your image will appear on the window. Select filters here and make other adjustments. Then click on the photo to tag.

How Instagram web is different from mobile app
The usage of the Instagram mobile app is almost identical to that on the web, but the website is a bit sketchy. The most important difference is the stories. You cannot post or edit your story from a web browser. Also, you will not find the Shop tab on the web version of Instagram.

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