March 30, 2023


This is a long term savings product which is available in 2 variants.
Features like saving wallet and save the date will be available in it.
It will get guaranteed bonus and life cover.

New Delhi. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has launched a new product called ‘ICICI Pru Sukh Samruddhi’. The special feature of this product is that it will not only provide life cover during the policy term, it will also provide guaranteed bonus. Not only this, women customers will also get more maturity benefits in this plan. Its a long term saving product. The company has introduced its two variants – Income and Lam Sum. The company says that it is designed to meet the financial goals of the customers.

ICICI Pru Sukh Samridhi – Income Plan is a tax free guaranteed income plan. This will be very useful in arranging money for children’s education, celebrating annual holidays and other such expenses. Those opting for the income option of ICICI Pru Sukh Samridhi will get a guaranteed and regular income over the specified time period chosen at the time of opting for the plan. Apart from this, Lam Sum Maturity Benefit will also be available.

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Saving wallet will be very useful
One of the special features of the income variant of ICICI Pru Sukh Samriddhi is its savings wallet feature. Those customers who do not want to withdraw the income, they will be able to keep their money in the savings wallet. This money can be withdrawn at any time during the policy term. Apart from this, save the date feature has also been given in this plan. In this, the customer will get the income from the policy only on those dates, which will be selected at the time of taking the policy. Customers will be able to receive money on special dates like marriage anniversary, birthday etc.

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Pru Sukh Samridhi Lam Sum Plan
The Lam Sum variant of Pru Sukh Samridhi is beneficial for those customers who want to build a large corpus in the long term. There are many customers who want to create long term funds for buying a house, children’s education and so on. Lam Sum Plan will help them a lot for these works.

Amit Palta, Chief Distribution Officer, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, says that ICICI Pru Sukh Samridhi is specially designed to meet the financial goals of the customers. Amit says that the last few years have been very difficult. Due to this, the demand for such savings products has now increased which helps in achieving financial goals with guaranteed benefits.

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