March 30, 2023


The electromagnetic cycle works very fast on induction cooktops.
Induction heats the vessel placed on it due to electromagnetic reaction.
Induction cooktops run on electricity. If we do LG fridge with gas then it can prove to be a bit expensive for us.

New Delhi. An induction cooktop is a one sided cooktop that generates heat in a specific way. It is a little different from the traditional chulha or other cooking things. In general, traditional stoves help us to cook food using fire. Microwaves help us to cook food by using small energy web, in the same way induction cooktops help us to cook food by using electromagnets.

In induction cooktop, there is a kind of electromagnetic reaction that occurs between the burner and the pot, due to which the coil in it works and we are able to cook. As soon as we remove the utensils from the induction cooktop.

Just like that it stops generating heat. This is because the magnetic field that exists between the utensil and the burner, stops due to the removal of the utensil. Due to this induction cooktop does not generate heat. That’s why all the utensils used on induction are of cast iron or stainless-steel so that a better electromagnetic field can be created.

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Advantages of induction cooktop:

1. Cooking on induction is very easy and fast.

The electromagnetic cycle on induction cooktop works very fast, so half the time can be saved while cooking.

2. Induction cooking can also be environment friendly

Induction cooktops cook food faster than normal stoves. Also uses less energy. Induction is the most energy efficient cooking technology. The heat coming out of this stove directly heats the utensils in the house, which means that 90% of the heat is used only for cooking.

3.Safe for children and pets

Induction heats the vessel placed on it due to electromagnetic reaction. Its burner is less hot than the rest of the burners and comes to normal temperature after a few minutes or even after the induction is turned off. At the same time, the used utensils do not get hot till the top, so it can be used near children as well. At the same time, there is no fire in it like a traditional chulha, so there is no danger of burning.

4. It is easy to clean

There is a layer of glass above the induction cooktop, which makes it very easy to clean. By the way, all this heat reaches the food due to which the food is cooked quickly. In such a situation, the food does not stick here and there and there is not much dirt, but if anything gets dirty, it can be cleaned easily.

5.Easy to install

Induction is very easily available in the market so that we can choose according to our needs and requirements. budget Can buy as per. Its installation is also not heavy at all. With the help of the manual given in the box while buying it, you can use it very easily by understanding its every button and function.

Disadvantages of induction cooktop:

1. Induction cooktop runs on electricity, if we do LG fridge with gas, then it can prove to be a bit expensive for us.

2. Special utensils are used on induction. Not all utensils work on induction because they fail to create electro magnetic field. In such a situation, to use induction cooktop, the utensils used on it also have to be bought.

3.When using induction cooktop, to keep its coils properly heated and cooled, 1 fan is used in it, which is always running and because of that there is a lot of noise.

4. The utensil heats up very quickly on the induction cooktop. In such a situation, it is very important to keep in mind that what is the temperature of that utensil and according to that the ingredients should be put in it for cooking, otherwise all the edible ingredients may get burnt.

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5. Injection can be used only with electricity, so if you come in such a condition when you do not have electricity, cooking will not be possible.

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