March 30, 2023


iPhone 15 Pro Max will be offered with periscope zoom lens,
Periscope lens users will be able to click more photos with background blur and sharp foreground.
With the periscope zoom lens, people will be able to click candid shots from afar

Apple iPhone 14 It has been just a few days since the launch of the company, and from now on the company’s next series iPhone has started to be spotted online. Reports are coming for a few days that the Apple iPhone 15 series will be introduced next year, and in the meantime, analyst Ming Chi Kuo has given new information about it. Kuo has revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro model will not be offered with the new 8P or eight-element lens. It will also get the company’s seven-element lens, which is also given in the iPhone 14 Pro.

The special thing is that while the new camera upgrade will not be available in the new version, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is reported to be introduced with a periscope zoom lens, which will be a first for iPhones. It has been told in the report that it will not be available on the regular Pro model. It also said that the periscope lens will mean that users will be able to capture maximum number of portraits with background blur and sharp foreground.

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The good thing is that people will be able to click candid shots from a distance too, as the periscope zoom cameras will help in reducing the distance between the photographer and his subject.

You will be surprised to know that this will not be the first smartphone with a periscope lens. Oppo was the first company to introduce the concept device, and proved to the world that a smartphone with this camera module can have a periscope lens despite having a balance thickness and weight.

Talking about a regular camera, the light enters the lens directly and then onto the camera. The lens and sensor lie on top of each other in a straight line.

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This Samsung phone has a Periscope lens
Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra also comes with a periscope lens, with support for 10x optical zoom and up to 100x digital zoom. The iPhone 13 Pro model has a telephoto lens, which enables only 3x optical zoom as well as 15x digital zoom.

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Talking about the iPhone 15 series, there are reports that claim that Apple will launch it as ‘Ultra’ instead of the name of the Pro Max model.

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