March 25, 2023

New Delhi (iPhone Features List), iPhone has its own fan following. Some people use only Apple products. He has everything from the Apple company, from phone to watch. Apple iPhones are generally costlier than Android phones. With the pre-booking, their amazing craze is seen in the people (Apple iPhone).

If you use iPhone, then look at it carefully once. What Every Part of the iPhone Looks Like, Do You Think It’s Exactly the Same? Actually, to make the design of the iPhone better and appealing, its look is made such that you get tricked by considering it as a special feature (iPhone Design).

focus on the speaker
There are speaker grills on the bottom of every iPhone (iPhone Speaker Grills). Some people think that the grilles visible on both the left and right sides are speakers. But you will be surprised to know that in reality it is not so. The truth is that there is a speaker on only one side of the two. Both seem to be exactly the same and that is why people get deceived ( ).

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understand your every feature
Most people understand its essential features while buying a phone and then stop paying attention to it. If you explore your phone yourself, then many new things will be seen in it, which will change your way of using the phone. The second part that looks like a speaker on the iPhone is only used to cover the microphone and sensors.

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