March 22, 2023


Your iPhone gets very hot when you use it too many times.
In such a situation, you can fix this by restarting the iPhone or closing the apps.
Apart from this, you can also save from heating by restarting the iPhone.

New Delhi. Smartphone has become an important part of our life. From making calls, sending mail, browsing the internet or making digital payments, we are now dependent on our smartphones for every important work. Many times the use of the smartphone becomes so much that it starts getting too hot. Whether you use an Android phone or an iPhone, due to the use of heavy graphics and applications, this problem is seen in every phone. When the iPhone gets hot, not only does it become difficult to use it, but its performance also deteriorates.

It is worth mentioning that when your iPhone gets very hot, you start getting many warning signs. These include feeling hot to the touch, slowing down the phone and clicking photos. If your phone gets too hot, you may also get a temperature warning. When this warning appears, you can’t make calls from the phone. Apart from this, heat is not good for your iPhone. This can damage the internal components of the phone, especially the battery and processor.

Why does the iPhone get hot?
Many times in the summer season, you leave your iPhone in direct sunlight or in the car, which can cause the phone to heat up. Also, when you use a lot from your device, they still get hot. Apart from this, the iPhone can get hot when gaming HD video streaming, or using GPS navigation.

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How to stop your iPhone from overheating
When you notice that your iPhone has become extremely hot, cooling it down quickly may be the best way to avoid damage to its internal components. You can follow the below mentioned methods to cool down the phone

close all apps
Lightening the workload of the iPhone’s processor can prevent it from generating extra heat. Along with this, the battery can also be saved from draining fast. Therefore, first of all, all apps should be closed when the device is hot.

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restart your iphone
If you don’t have time or patience to close your apps, you can also restart your iPhone. Doing so will automatically close all open apps.

Charge iPhone with Apple Charger Only
Some off-brand chargers are cheaper than official chargers from Apple. We start using them because of their low cost. These chargers are not designed for the amount of power required. Because of this, they overload your device and heat it up. So always charge the iPhone with Apple’s charger.

Use Airplane Mode
Many times, due to continuous use of the Internet, there can also be a problem of overheating. If so, the first thing you need to do is turn on Airplane Mode on your device. This can give you relief from the problem of heating.

update iphone
Make sure you are always running the latest version of iOS, as it comes with better performance and can save your phone from heating up. Apart from this, updating the phone can remove the bug present in the device. These bugs spoil the performance of the processor.

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