March 25, 2023


The incident of selling fake iPhone 13 has come to light in the Delhi-NCR area.
It is very important to keep some things in mind before buying a new iPhone
Is Your iPhone Real Or Fake? Keep these things in mind to identify

New Delhi. Noida Police had recently unearthed a gang, who were selling fake iPhone 13 cheaply in the national capital and duping people. Police arrested three gang members and also seized 60 fake iPhone models. Police said the thugs had taken cheap mobile phones from Delhi for Rs 12,000 and iPhone boxes for Rs 4,500 from a Chinese shopping portal. In such a situation, whenever you buy an iPhone from a third party, keep in mind that this phone is not duplicate or refurbished. Let us know easy tips to ensure this:

Check IMEI number: All original iPhone models come with an IMEI number. In such a situation, the easiest way to know whether your iPhone is real or fake is to check IMEI.

check the box like this
IMEI number can be found in the original packaging. You will find the IMEI number written in the box.

Check like this in settings
To check IMEI number from iPhone, you have to go to Settings > General and tap on About. After this you have to see the serial number. You may have to scroll down for the IMEI number. If you do not see any IMEI or serial number, then your phone may be fake.

Check iPhone coverage on Apple’s website
Use Apple’s Check Coverage website ( to find out the age of your device. For this, the serial number of the iPhone given in the box has to be used.

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Visit a nearby Apple Store
If you are still in doubt, you can take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Store. The executive present there will help you to know whether the phone is real or fake.

Buy phone only from authorized dealer
Whenever you buy a new iPhone, try to buy this phone only from an authorized Apple dealer. Imagine, Uni, Aptronix and iWorld are some of the authorized Apple stores in India. Similarly, retail chains like Croma, Vijay Sales, Reliance Retail, Sangeetha Mobiles and iPhone can also be purchased from Flipkart and Amazon.

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