March 22, 2023


TechShots is a subsidiary of Massey Desk Media.
It provides information to the IT industry.
This project will be completed in a year.

New Delhi. IT companies will easily know about which IT service a company needs and what it is planning to buy. This will be possible with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool.

Actually, an Artificial Intelligence based tool is being made by TechShots and Mumbai’s Vivekananda Education Society’s Institute of Technology (VESIT). VESIT and TechShots have signed an agreement to develop this AI tool. With this, IT companies will be able to get information about potential customers.

TechShots is a subsidiary of Massey Desk Media. It provides information to the IT industry. As per the agreement, the computer engineering department of VESIT and the team of TechShots will work together to develop an AI tool within a year. Apart from this, VESIT will also create a tool to present the content in a concise and easy way for TechShots.

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Easy to buy process

Due to this tool, the inclusion of AI in buying and selling decisions will greatly benefit the IT industry. The annual turnover of the Indian IT industry is US$ 100 million. Akhilesh Shukla, founder and CEO of Messe Desk Media, said that the procurement process in the IT industry is long and time-consuming. Artificial intelligence tools will make this process easier and faster. Streamlining the buying process for new products and solutions will have a significant impact and help enterprises achieve their business goals faster while improving the ‘customer experience’.

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students will benefit

The project will be headed by Dr. Nupur Giri, head of the computer engineering department of VESIT. At the same time, Dr. Gresha Bhatia, Deputy Head of the Department and Assistant Professor Abha Tiwari will be its advisors. Dr. Jayalakshmi Nayyar, Principal, VESIT said, “We have decided to collaborate with TechShots, one of the leading players in the industry, for the all-round development of the students’ knowledge. Students will benefit a lot from this project. He said that we are happy to partner with TechShots for an interesting Artificial Intelligence project. Dr. Gresha Bhatia said that we are sure that the result of this work done together will be very good and of high quality.

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