March 30, 2023


The price of Faber 60 cm Kitchen Chimney is Rs.9800 only.
The Eurodomo 60 cm chimney is capable of suctioning 1200 cubic meters in 1 hour.
The price of BLOWHOT 60 Cms Kitchen Chimney is Rs.5215 only.

New Delhi. Kitchen Chimney is used to exhaust smoke and grease and fumes from cooking. In today’s time it is available in the market with auto and push button. Are you also looking to buy a kitchen chimney? People who do not know much about it, buy it only after seeing its price and features. There are many kitchen chimneys available in the market, the cost of which is more than 10 thousand rupees. On the other hand, if you buy it online then you will have to pay less money.

In fact, famous brand chimneys are also available online for less than 10,000, on which you get discounts. Not only this, after buying it, you can save thousands of rupees spent on it.

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Faber 60 cm Chimney
This chimney of Faber company is available online on Amazon. Its capacity is 1000 m³/HR. It is designed like a pyramid, hence it is also called a pyramid chimney. People have given it a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. Not one but 2 baffle filters have been installed in it to remove the kitchen air and odor. Apart from this, it can also be installed near 4 stove burners. Its price is 9800 rupees.

Eurodomo 60cm
The Eurodomo Kitchen Chimney is available online on Amazon. Its suction power is 1200 m³/hr. It is equipped with many advanced features. In this you will get to see auto clean technology, you will not need to press that button again and again. Due to the touch control feature, its price is a bit high. Apart from this, this chimney can be used up to 200 square feet. If there is a bigger kitchen then it can prove to be a good option. Its price is Rs 9,999.

Inalsa Auto Clean
Inalsa Auto Clean is a very good kitchen chimney. Due to the motion sensor, you will not need to press any button to turn it on and off, you can use it only by gesture. Not only this, a curved glass has also been given in it. This 60 cm kitchen chimney can prove to be a good option if you use a gas stove with 2 and 4 burners. It has the facility of auto clean. Its price is Rs 9,595.

Blowhot 60cm
The BLOWHOT kitchen chimney has a capacity of 800 cubic meters / hour. Being a waffle filter, it can be used very easily in the kitchen of our country. Not only this, the facility of two LED lights has also been provided in it for illumination while cooking. Apart from this, if you buy it, you can get it changed for free within 5 years if the motor gets damaged. With this, 5 years warranty is also available. Its price is Rs 5,215.

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Hindware Marvia
The things of Hindware company are a bit expensive but the price of Hindware Marvia kitchen chimney is less than 10 thousand rupees. If the length and width of the kitchen is not much, then you can buy it now. Two baffle filters have been provided in it for smoke cleaning.

Not only this, it is also very easy to clean, you can control it by pressing only one button. People like it because of the push button features. Its price is Rs 6,299.

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