March 25, 2023


Use masked Aadhaar card to protect documents from falling into wrong hands.
Visit saymineapp to check which companies have your data.
Not only this, now you can also get your data deleted sitting at home.

New Delhi. The central government is constantly working to secure people’s data. Despite this, there are many such unauthorized companies, who have the necessary documents of the people available. Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, people themselves give these documents to different companies. They don’t even know about it themselves. Apart from this, even while using the Internet, some people deliberately share their information on different websites.

Do you know which companies have your documents? if not, now You can check it online and know where your documents are being used. Apart from this, if you want, you can also reclaim it directly.

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Get complete information with the help of this website
You do not need to go anywhere to check which companies have your data and how they are using it. You can check it online with the help of internet sitting at home. For this visit saymineapp. It’s completely free. Apart from this, you can also visit this website directly on Google. It is worth noting that before giving any kind of permission to the app, read the term and condition carefully.

How to check which company has your data
1- Open Google Chrome to check which company has your data available.
2- After opening google chrome search saymineapp in it
3-After this you will get 3 options out of which click on Discover where your personal data is online.
4- Now click on Get started and enter the correct spelling of the name.
5- After this you can see all those companies in the list with whom your data is available.
6- Click on the checklist to know where it is being used.

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how to reclaim data
1-Select the third option to retrieve the data i.e. delete.
2- Here you click on take action to remove unnecessary data.
3- After this, click on the website and application from which you want to delete the data.
4- Click on Select All to delete it from everywhere at once.
5- After this, after clicking on Take Action, you can get the data deleted from everywhere.
6- After a few days of sending the request, you can check it again.

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