March 22, 2023


While buying a laptop, do check the screen size and RAM.
Select the processor according to your work, very few people pay attention to it.
Processors are of 3 series, these include P, U, and H. Everyone has their own specialty.

New Delhi. Most people pay more attention to its look and design while buying a computer laptop or any electronic item. Whenever buying a laptop, first of all you should understand your need. According to this, if you buy any device, then you do not face any kind of problem later. Not only this, you can also save thousands of rupees spent on it. Generally people recommend to buy i5, i7 laptops.

If you only need it for browsing then you can also work with i3 laptop. Its cost is also less than other laptops. Do check 5 secret things while buying it.

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don’t forget to check these things
There are some common things that people check while buying a laptop. If you are also going to buy it, first of all check the screen size, battery backup and RAM. If you need it for video editing or watching movies, then buy a laptop with a large screen. On the other hand, if you like gaming, then for this it is very important to have RAM in the laptop. Not only this, also check the operating system.

how to check processor
Usually, while buying a laptop, people go to the settings to check its processor and see which version of the chipset is on it. Do you know the right way to check it. It is not possible to check the performance after running it for a few minutes. That’s why it is important that you know all those secret things so that you do not face any kind of problem in buying a laptop. Processors are of 3 series, these include P, U, and H.

P Series Processor
While checking the processor, the latest version i.e. 12th generation starts with 12. It has 1 letter at the end. If it is of the last letter, then this laptop cannot be used for hardcore gaming. If you want a normal browser with good battery backup, then for this you can buy a laptop with P series chipset processor. In this, along with a little gaming, you will be able to watch movies.

H Series Processor
While checking the chipset, if the last letter is H, then you can use it as a notebook. The laptop of this series is very light and thin. Apart from this, the size of the screen is also very large. In this, you will be able to do most of the technical work very easily. There is very little chance of it getting hanged. You will be able to easily fold the laptop based on this series.

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u processor
This processor is for those who use high performance gaming and different software. Its special thing is that pro level gamers use it. Its cost is very high. Before buying a laptop, do consult an expert once. When checking the processor, pay attention to the last letter.

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