March 22, 2023


We often send wrong messages on Instagram.
Now you can easily delete these messages.
Users can delete any message from the chat whenever they want.

New Delhi. Instagram is one of the most popular apps. Instagram gives its users the facility of private messaging. Also, the app also gives users complete control over the messaging service. Many times users on Instagram accidentally message someone or spell it many times, due to which many times we need to delete the message. Let us know that Instagram allows its users to delete any message.

Instagram users can delete their chats whenever they want. Also, they can delete any specific message from their chat, so let us now tell you how you can delete private message from your chat.

how to delete an entire chat from your instagram
1. Open Instagram and tap the message icon, which looks like a paper airplane, in the top-right corner.
2. Now on the message page, tap on the bulleted list icon at the top right.
3. Now tap on all the conversations you want to delete.
4- After this tap on Delete in the bottom-right corner.
5- After this confirm that you want to delete the conversation.

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How to delete your personal messages
1- For this first open Instagram.
2- Now search for the message which you want to delete.
3. Hold the message you want to send.
4-When you see a pop-up menu, select Unsend option.
5- After that confirm that you want to delete it.

It is worth noting that if a user unsends a message, then that message will be deleted for everyone.

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