March 25, 2023


LinkedIn has removed more than 3 lakh fake profiles from its platform.
In these profiles, users themselves had told Apple’s Employer.
Fake profile description was used in these accounts.

New Delhi. Every year the number of fake accounts on the web is increasing. After platforms like Facebook, and Twitter, a large number of fake accounts are also found on LinkedIn. According to a report, LinkedIn has removed more than 3 lakh fake profiles. On these profiles, users themselves were listed as Employers of Apple. Let us tell you that 6 lakh people on LinkedIn have listed themselves as Apple Employers. LinkedIn has halved the number of profiles listing Apple as their employer, taking action on fake accounts within a 24-hour period.

However, this does not mean that more than 3,00,000 people have left the Apple company in a single day. In fact, the deleted accounts were pretending to be employees of Apple, while they were not employees of the company. Such profile descriptions and photographs were used in these accounts, which were edited or fake.

Reported by Jay Pinho
It is worth noting that Jay Pinho, who worked as a developer on Linkedin, was the first to report about the increasing number of employees of Apple and Amazon on LinkedIn. Pinho not only works in the company but also monitors the number of daily employees in large organizations.

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Decrease in the number of fake accounts
He told Krebs on Security, a cyber security blog, that his scarper shows the number of LinkedIn profiles claiming to be Amazon employees fell from about 1.25 million to 8,38,601 in just one day. It has declined by about 33%. Similarly, the total number of LinkedIn profiles claiming to work for Apple has dropped by about 50%, according to Pinho.

Fake accounts of Binance employees
LinkedIn told Business Insider that the fake account has been taken down after the CEO of crypto exchange company Binance disclosed it on Twitter. Due to this the headcount has come down. It is worth mentioning that there are 7000 profiles of ‘Binance employees’ on LinkedIn, of which only 50 percent are real. He alerted users about scammers and warned his followers to be ‘beware’. Let us tell you that fake profiles are often created on LinkedIn to carry out financial fraud.

Efforts are on to stop the fake account
Speaking of fake accounts, LinkedIn spokesperson Greg Snapper said that he takes regular action to stop fake accounts on his platform and is continuously improving his system to stop fake accounts before they come online.

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