March 30, 2023


The QR code on the cylinder will give many information about the cylinder.
Union Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh gave this information in World LPG Week 2022.
In the coming 3 months, QR code will be installed on all gas cylinders.

New Delhi. LPG cylinders will soon come with QR code, which will help in regulating domestic cylinders. Regulate means that consumers will be able to know everything about the cylinder, for example, when it was refilled, how much it weighs and whether gas has been stolen. Union Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri gave this information on Wednesday.

Sharing a video on his Twitter profile, the Petroleum Minister wrote, “Fueling Traceability! A noteworthy innovation – this QR code will be affixed on existing cylinders and welded on new cylinders. When activated, it has the potential to solve many of the current issues of gas cylinder theft, tracking and tracing, and better inventory management.”

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In the video, Hardeep Puri was interacting with officials and inquiring about the feasibility of the idea at the ‘World LPG Week 2022’ being held in Uttar Pradesh. Explain that the full form of QR Code is Quick Response Code, which machines can read. These are a type of optical label that contains details about the item to which they are attached.

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