March 30, 2023

New Delhi. The orgy of fire that took place on Thursday night in Delhi’s Bhagirath Place has taken more than 250 shops. Due to this, a big loss is being estimated for the traders. However, the Confederation of All India Trades (CAIT) Delhi State President Vipin Ahuja and State General Secretary Ashish Grover have expressed grief over the incident of this unfortunate fire and have said that in this hour of dire crisis, all the traders of Delhi will help the traders affected by the fire. Standing firmly together and will not hold back in providing all possible help to the aggrieved traders.

Ashish Grover, who is also the general secretary of Delhi Drug Traders Association, an association of drug market located in Bhagirath Palace, reached the spot first as soon as he got the news of the fire. During this, he told that the heart of all the businessmen of Delhi is very distressed and inconsolable due to this incident. It is difficult to estimate how many shops have been affected by the fire so far, but considering the nature of the fire, about 250 shops are expected to be affected by the fire. That’s why it is difficult to estimate the extent of damage caused by this fire.

He further said that once the situation settles down, CAT in consultation with Ajay Sharma, President, Delhi Electrical Traders Association, will convene a meeting of all the traders associations of the region, in which the issue will be discussed on various formats to help the affected traders and traders will be informed about the same. CAT will put full force in getting proper help from Delhi Government, Central Government etc. Grover said that CAT has resolved that it will not allow any businessman to break due to lack of money.

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Bhagirath Place is one of the oldest wholesale markets of the country, which has wholesale markets for electrical, medicine, radio, radio spare parts, electronics, surgical equipments, pharma raw materials, etc. There are distribution centers for various businesses.

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