March 30, 2023


The stock closed at Rs 158.90 on the BSE on Monday with a gain of 5 per cent.
The promoter shareholding in the company stands at 74.43 per cent during the quarter ended September, 2022.
The stake of foreign investors is 0.09 per cent and the public stake is 25.47 per cent.

Mumbai. Is it possible that you invest one lakh rupees in a stock and you can get ten times return within 1 year. That is, the value of your investment of one lakh rupees should be around 10 lakh rupees. This has been made possible by a company in the smallcap sector, Mefcom Capital Markets, with a market cap of just Rs 145 crore, has given investors a strong return of more than 845 percent in a year.

Now this company’s board is preparing to do a stock split, for which the board of directors has fixed a record date for the company. On Monday, the stock of Mefcom Capital Markets got upper circuit during early trading on BSE and closed at Rs 158.90 with a gain of 5 per cent.

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Manifold returns over 10 and 5 year periods
The stock price on July 9, 2002 was Rs 6.78 and is now priced at Rs 158.90. That is, thus far the stock has given a return of 2,244 percent. This stock has given returns of more than 1,400 percent during the last three years and has earned investors by giving strong returns of 587 in 5 years.

At the same time, the stock has given a return of 846 percent in the last one year. So far this stock has given strong returns of 229 percent in 2022 and 482 percent in 6 months. Not only this, even within 1 month, this stock has given a strong return of 80 percent.

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Talking about the company’s economic data, during the quarter ended September 2022, the promoter shareholding in the company is 74.43 percent, FII holding is 0.09 percent and public stake is 25.47 percent.

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