March 25, 2023


Musk is preparing to encrypt the message sent in DM on Twitter.
Messages are protected in the form of a code after being encrypted.
Musk has said that he also wants the facility of calling in DM.

New Delhi. Twitter CEO Elon Musk has talked many times about improving this microblogging platform. It seems like. Now he is planning to take steps towards achieving it. According to a recent report, Musk also discussed this in a meeting with employees at Twitter’s San Francisco (US) headquarters on Tuesday. The website Platformer, which monitors the events going on in the world of social networks, has allegedly obtained a recording of this meeting.

According to the news, Musk has told the employees that the company will encrypt DM (Direct Message) and bring encrypted video and voice calling. Musk said that he does not want people to think that if Twitter’s data is breached, all their conversations will go on the Internet or that someone on Twitter is always monitoring their conversations. He said that he wants people not to be worried about their privacy while talking to each other. According to Musk, such things have happened before and it is not right. Musk also said that he wants the option of voice and video chat to be available in DM.

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DM was leaked in 2018
Notably, in 2018, Twitter warned that conversations between businesses and their customers were accessible by outsiders for almost a year. In addition, earlier this year, the US government charged a former Twitter employee with improperly accessing user data for Saudi Arabia. However, there is no clarity on how DM was used in this.

what is encryption
It can be understood as a security system in which your message is converted into a code. Either you will be able to read it or the person to whom you are sending the message will be able to read it. Somewhere in the middle this message cannot be accessed. For example, WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted.

Retrenchment ends, recruitment begins
Earlier this week, Musk reportedly told employees in a meeting that Twitter has ended layoffs and the company is now in hiring mode. Apart from this, the company has indefinitely banned the relaunch of Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue is a subscription based verification service.

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