March 25, 2023


Like Apple smartphone users, Android smartphone users can also receive calls in PC.
To receive calls in PC, Android smartphone user has to download Link to Windows app.
This app is absolutely free, you can connect windows and smartphones with this app.

New Delhi: There are more Android smartphone users in our country than Apple. The Apple ecosystem is very different from Android. Incoming calls in iOS devices can be received very easily in MacBook or iPad. You can also disconnect the call after talking, but Android smartphone users also need not be disappointed. This is because Android users can receive calls in Windows laptop or PC.

A software has to be installed to receive calls in Windows PC and Laptop. Similarly, in Android smartphone too, you can receive calls in PC by installing an app from Google Play Store.

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Download this app on smartphone
Apple users receive calls in MacBook and iPad with the help of AirDrop app in iOS devices. Download Link To Windows (Beta) App from Google Play Store to receive calls in Android Smartphone Users PC and Laptop. It is completely free, you do not need to spend a single rupee for this. After downloading this app, give permission to the location. Connect the smartphone to the PC with the help of Bluetooth and WiFi.

download this app in pc
Download a software from Microsoft Store to receive calls in Windows user laptop and PC. The name of this software is Phone Link. By downloading it for free from Microsoft Store, you can connect laptop and PC to smartphone very easily. To connect the smartphone to the PC, it is very important to have WiFi and Bluetooth in both the devices. Without the help of WiFi and Bluetooth, you will not be able to connect the phone and PC.

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How to connect smartphone to PC
1. To connect the smartphone to the PC, open the Link to Windows app in the smart phone.
2. Similarly in PC also open it by double clicking on Phone Link software.
3. After this scan in the smartphone.
4. After scanning click on Windows PC.
5. Now go to PC and do OK to give permission to the smartphone.
6. Can view call log and dialer in PC.
7. Receive calls on any PC or smartphone.

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