March 30, 2023


With the help of Android TV box, you can enjoy Google service on TV.
Online entertainment is available through Play Station and X Box.
It can also be made smart with the help of HDMI cable and Airtel TV.

New Delhi. After the arrival of smartphone internet and OTT platform, people’s interest in watching TV is decreasing. Its new buyers now prefer to buy smart TVs. The biggest reason behind this is that not only can you watch movies and news in it, but you can also enjoy Google’s service through it. Now the question arises that people who have normal TV can not use the services. Do you also want to make normal TV smart.

There are many devices available in the market, with the help of which by making any normal TV smart, you can use Google’s service along with enjoying OTP in it, so let us now tell you about these devices.

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  1. HDMI cable
    The facility of installing HDMI cable is also available in normal TVs. After installing it, you can easily watch any of your favorite shows on the laptop. Apart from this, even if you want to enjoy Google’s service on the big screen, this cable is very effective. You will not need to spend a lot of money to buy it, nor is there any problem in installing it. It can be connected to laptop and TV very easily.

  1. digital media player
    Like dongle, there are many digital media players available in the market. The way dongles are used for internet by putting them in laptop or PC. Similarly, after putting this dongle in a normal TV, it can be made smart. To use it, it is very important to have a port in the TV as well as the facility to connect the device. Apart from this, it can also be installed in the setup box.Also read- These gaming consoles are available for less than 5 thousand, bring them home today

  1. android tv box
    Now any normal TV can be made smart with the help of this box. It is available in both online and offline mode. In today’s time, most people watch movies and web series only with the help of Android TV box. Not only this, after installing it in TV, it is easy to take advantage of Google Play Service as well as many other facilities.

  1. airtel tv
    People like to buy smart TV because they can watch any web series and movies according to their choice. Not only this, people also use it to take advantage of Google’s service. For this you can buy Airtel TV. On this, along with Amazon Prime Netflix and YouTube, you can enjoy this service by streaming many other things. Due to Chromecast support, there is a facility to record any show.

  1. play station and x box
    Smart TVs cost more than normal TVs. For this reason some people take the help of Play Station and X-Box. On both these platforms, a lot of content is available for such entertainment, which is very easy to stream online. Xbox and Playstation are famous not only in India but all over the world. Apart from liking it, people of different countries also use it.

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