March 22, 2023


Now you can easily recover deleted photos from iPhone.
iPhone users can recover deleted photos in many ways.
Apple provides a recently deleted folder in its Photos app, which stores your deleted photos.

New Delhi. For many people, their collection on the iPhone is very important. In such a situation, if your photos are accidentally deleted, then it can be very sad for you. However, the good thing for you is that if you are an iPhone user and you have accidentally deleted your photos, then now you can recover them again. For this you just have to follow some steps. Through these steps, you can easily recover your deleted photos.

Let us know that Apple gives recently deleted photos folder in Photos app. Which is like the Recycle Bin on your computer. In this, all the pictures that you have deleted in the last 30 days are saved. However, on the 31st day the picture gets permanently deleted from the folder.

how to recover deleted photos from iphone
To recover deleted photos from iPhone, first open the Photos app. Then tap on Album on the bottom menu. Now scroll down to access the Utilities section and click on the Recently Deleted option. Then tap on Select on the top right of the screen. Now select each photo you want back on your iPhone. So select the option of recover in the bottom right corner.

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how to recover deleted photos from iphone backup
If your photos are gone from the Recently Deleted folder, you can recover your photos by restoring your phone from the previous backup. However, the downside is that all your deleted files will be recovered from iCloud Drive. Along with this, apps, data, text messages, and old backups will also be recovered in it.

How to Recover Photos from iCloud Backup
If you’ve recently uploaded photos to iCloud, you can easily recover them by accessing them from your device or the iCloud website, but if you use iCloud to back up your phone, your photos can be saved. To recover, back up your phone to iCloud so if something goes wrong, or you don’t like the old backup content, you can go back to your current configuration.

Also do a factory reset after the backup is complete, and then recover your phone from a backup that is large enough to contain the deleted photos. After that when the restore is complete, check the Photos app and check if the deleted photos are recovered or not, if not, you can repeat the process again and restore the old backup.

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