March 25, 2023


While buying a portable bluetooth speaker, do check the battery backup.
Buy it only after checking the range and sound quality of bluetooth.
Do not forget to compare the price as well as check the brand and logo.

New Delhi. There was a time when people used to buy sound boxes at their homes to listen to songs. It is also called dag or speaker. Due to the gradual change in it with time, there has been a significant reduction in its size as well. In today’s time, there are many such portable speakers available in the market which can be carried anywhere in the pocket. There is no need to keep it connected to electricity all the time, once it is charged, songs can be listened to for hours.

Do you also want to buy a great portable Bluetooth speaker? In such a situation, you must ask 5 important questions to the seller, so that you do not need to change it later.

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battery backup
If you are going to buy a portable Bluetooth speaker, then definitely ask the seller about the battery backup. Actually, there are many such companies which are making powerful speakers at low cost, but lack of battery backup is seen in it. In such a situation, if you take it somewhere, it gets down within a few hours. To avoid charging it again and again, it is necessary to have a strong battery backup.

bluetooth connectivity range
Many such advanced features are found in Bluetooth speakers which are not present in the speakers coming earlier. Do take information about the range of connectivity. There are some such speakers available in the market which lose connectivity only after going out of a room.

Not only this, if you are buying from this shop, then do check it once by connecting it to your smartphone. Sometimes it can disconnect automatically while using it.

sound quality
Songs can also be heard on TV and smartphone, but for this people buy portable Bluetooth speakers separately. Actually the reason behind this is the better quality of sound. If you are also buying it, then do check the base.

Apart from this, you can also see whether it has calling feature or not. In some speakers, the sound is very high, but due to the poor quality of the sound, people do not like to listen to songs in it.

compare price
Never pay attention to only one brand while buying a portable Bluetooth speaker. Many such speakers are also available in the market, whose quality is the same despite the difference in price. Not only this, if there is a facility to check the songs by listening to them, then once after checking 2-3 speakers, ask the price of all and compare it. Always buy the one which has more features in less price.

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brand and logo
In today’s time, portable Bluetooth speakers are available in both online and offline markets for just Rs.399. In fact, the price of the local speaker may be low, but the lack of battery backup and sound quality is seen in it.

So ever before buying it must check the brand and logo. Avoid buying local speakers. Don’t let it go to waste by buying local speakers to save a little money.

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