March 22, 2023

Mumbai. Tata Group’s airline Air India is taking steps towards increasing global network and market share. Meanwhile, the airline’s CEO and MD Campbell Wilson has said that the airline is about to introduce an economy class with more facilities in long-haul international flights.

In a program of JRD Tata Memorial Trust in Mumbai, Wilson said that there are opportunities for India and Air India to play a major role in the world’s aviation sector in the next decade. He said that Air India will increase its market share on domestic and international routes by at least 30 percent.

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Along with the fleet, there is also a plan to increase the global network.
According to news agency PTI, the airline is working on a long-term revival plan and plans to increase its fleet as well as global network in the next 5 years. Wilson said, “Carpets, curtains, seat cover-cushions will be changed in the near future.” We have completely changed the menu in domestic flights, apart from this, we will start premium economy class in long distance international flights from next month.

Talks for aircraft orders with Boeing, Airbus and engine manufacturers
Due to lack of funds and spare parts, about 20 aircraft of the airline which were not in operation for many years have been repaired. Apart from this, the lease of 30 additional aircraft has been fixed, which will be available in the next 12 months, their supply will start from next week. Apart from this, we are in talks with Boeing, Airbus and engine manufacturers for ordering the latest generation aircraft.

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Direct flights to London from 7 cities in India
Air India has expanded operations domestically and internationally and has introduced more flights to Vancouver, Sydney and Melbourne. Wilson said, “We now have direct flights to London from 7 cities in India. Apart from this, direct flights will be started to San Francisco, New York and Newark in the next few weeks.

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