March 25, 2023

New Delhi. Photo sharing app is becoming increasingly popular among Instagram users. Especially after the introduction of the reels feature, people have started using it more. Through Reels, users can record and edit short videos. Not only this, music can be added to the reels video, effects can be added. Also, voiceovers can also be added to its clip.

Some people do not want their reels to appear in their profile grid or many users do not even know how to add reels to their profile grid. That’s why the social media app also gives its users many privacy options for setting reels.

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First of all, let us tell that posts and reels are visible by default in the Instagram profile grid. But users can decide whether any of their posts or reels appear in the grid or not.

how to remove reel from instagram profile grid
1) First of all open the Instagram app on your phone.

2) Your small photo will appear on the right side corner given below, you just have to tap on Profile there.

3) Now go to the Reels section.

4) Now select the reel which you want to delete.

5) Go to the three dot menu option given below, and then from here you have to go to the Manage option.

6) Go to the Remove from grid option here.

How to add Instagram reels to profile grid:-
The app earlier did not give users the option to restore deleted reels, which caused a lot of trouble to both users and creators. In such a situation, some users used third-party apps. But now it is possible on the app. To make it easier, users have started getting a new feature in it…

1) For this, first open the Instagram app on the phone.

2) Now go to the Profile section.

3) After this you have to go to the Reels tab.

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4) Now select the reel which is not displayed on the profile.

5) Now go to the three dot menu button, which you will see on the bottom right side. Then after this you have to go to the Manage option.

6) Now you have to tap on Add back to profile grid option. Just like this your work will become easy.

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