March 22, 2023


Avoid buying local heaters, pay attention to the name and logo while buying.
Dryness can be seen in the skin due to continuous use of heater.
Avoid closing the room completely while operating it. Do not let the amount of oxygen decrease.

New Delhi. Winter season has started. People take different measures to avoid cold. In rural areas, people enjoy the heat by burning wood and sitting around it. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to do this in urban areas. For this reason, those people buy room heaters. It is used not only at home but also in offices. This saves us from winters but it also has many disadvantages.

This is the reason why it is very important to follow some tips while using room heater. With this you can save your skin from getting dry. Along with this, you will also be saved from winter.

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Keep these things in mind while buying a room heater
It is very important to keep some things in mind while buying an electric room heater. Avoid buying local room heaters to save some money. Not only this, after seeing the branding and logo, if you find it local, then you can get information about it by calling the customer care number.

Also check online reviews if people have given more positive reviews then only buy it. Actually, local heaters get damaged quickly, and it also consumes more electricity.

how to avoid dry skin
Continuous running of electric room heater may cause respiratory problems to some people sitting inside the room. Not only this, sometimes the skin also becomes dry. Actually this happens due to lack of oxygen. Anytime before turning on the room heater, you can open a little window for oxygen to come inside the house, apart from this, if there is no window in the room, then use it by opening the doors. There are some people who put water in a bowl or plate near the heater. This keeps the humidity in the room.

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Avoid sleeping with heater on at night
If you fall asleep after turning on the heater during the night, then you need to avoid doing so. Actually, after it gets heated, there are possibilities of short circuit. Most of the people sleep by closing the room, in such a situation, due to lack of oxygen, the lives of the people sleeping inside can also be lost.

Sometimes due to this, even if the skin becomes dry and the throat also starts drying. Some people use oil based heaters to avoid this problem, its cost is a bit high.

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